As an employer, you know that the reality of Health Care Reform, coupled with the unsustainable cost impact of offering health insurance to your employees, has forced businesses to demand innovative options, strong technical advice and visionary thinking to survive the transitions ahead. Business leaders can look to Peoples First to guide you through the myriad of issues related to Health Care Reform and to counsel you on strategies for ensuring you get the best group health insurance policy for your business.


  • Control over medical insurance programs
  • Accountability for the dollars spent
  • Innovation and choices on program design
  • A strategy for integrating insurance and health risk management into business
  • Data analytics and benchmarking to pinpoint targeted areas
  • Measurable approaches toward human capital management
  • Communication tools to help the workforce understand the impact of Health Care Reform
  • Successful and streamlined means of compliance with Health Care Reform

Peoples First Insurance is ideally positioned to lead the transformation of how employee benefits are delivered due to our strong market presence, penetration in the middle market, and tenured practices in Health Risk Management, Employee Benefits and Risk Retention programs. PFI Benefits is aligned to fully integrate health risk management with employee benefits to help employers manage data, identify risks, impact their cost drivers and bend the trend of double-digit health care plan cost increases. At Peoples First Insurance we have a comprehensive menu of products, options and choices to help you design a best-fit benefits package that’s right for your business, your employees and their families. We work hard to ensure you get control over your program’s costs with the goal of achieving a flexible, affordable, and sustainable program for the long term.

As an employer you need to understand all of your options to make the smartest decisions. That’s why it is key that we are an independent agency and that our exclusive Comprehensive Benefits Evaluation process includes analysis, checkpoints and annual reviews for competitiveness. At Peoples First Insurance we collaborate alongside your management team to Collect Data, Analyze, Implement and Monitor the best possible plans and strategies for your business.

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